Kagoshima, the representative tea producer of Japan

Green tea has been enjoying world-wide popularity due to its known benefits to health and as a result of the boom of Japanese food.
Kagoshima, blessed with a warm climate, is one of the top producers of tea in Japan.

The characteristics of “Kagoshima Tea” are its refreshing fragrance and its unique flavor. In addition, it is produced with utmost care with emphasis on the following points. If you have the chance, please do not hesitate to give it a try.

Tea Cultivation


Tea is cultivated in plantations with environmentally conscious methods amidst acres and acres of amazing nature.



Processing of tea is carried out in clean, well-equipped and modern factories.



Tea is sent to the distributors for sale from the factories the very next day after processing is complete. The partially processed tea is also stored in fridges to maintain their freshness before the final processing step.


Every step of the distribution chain of “Kagoshima Tea”, from its cultivation to its processing, is recorded and the records are kept so that they can be produced at anytime when requested by the consumers.